10 Quirks You Loathe About Me

I’m not sure what I’m going to type here because my original intention was to do a post about Photoshop mistakes and then this “title” popped in to my head. So I guess I’m just going to run with this and see where it takes me. Hmm…OK let’s work it from the angle of the Lauren’s perspective. I’m going to try looking at my manbear self through her eyes and make an educated guess about my top 10 quirks that make her mad. Now to be fair here. I’m going out on a limb and I’m still a male since the last time I checked. So that’s already a step in the right direction by being able to acknowledge my faults. Anyway, it’s time to start with my list of the top 10 crazy quirks. That I’m sure, drive my woman mad.

Mumbling Like A Womble:

What can I say, sometimes I get so ahead of my self and my brain moves at a thousand miles an hour which means my mouth just can’t keep up. Half of the time I’m not even aware and I don’t stop mumbling until it’s too late. Terribly sorry love.

Dropping The Conversation Like It’s Hot:

I know this drives you mental. Remember all those deep conversations we have where we………………..I do believe this may be tied in to my mumbling.  Perhaps we should………

Finishing Your….”Sentences”:

Most people think it’s cute. You just think I’m not giving you the time to finish your side of the conversation or trying to override your point. Fair enough but I just can’t help knowing you so well and sometimes those gaps in the conversation are too tempting to miss out on.

Sock Ball Buddy System:

I’m sure you would swear my goal here is to drive you as mad as possible when I ball up my socks and throw them in the washing. It’s a hard habit to break and in all fairness. I’ve stopped biting my nails and I no longer smoke. I’m actually being incredibly thoughtful by trying to keep them together like the buddy system so they don’t get lost.

Wish Washer Wacking:

I know you wish I could pack the dish washer  properly. But I just couldn’t be bothered. At the end of the day, the result is the same surely? I mean it doesn’t look like this either and be honest. -_-

Twilighting Your Neck:

Now this is something I do intentionally because it drives you mad and I’m not really sorry for doing it either. Because I generally love kissing you whenever I can. Especially on your neck because it drives you nuts for some reason.

Light Suppers:

I’m a man OK. Cut me some slack, most of the time you don’t like cooking either. Heating sausages and putting them on rolls with condiments is a naturally efficient process to me. What makes more sense than a meal that’s ready in 15 minutes?

Anti Radiation:

You know that thing you have with day old bread. That’s right. The same applies here. I don’t know why and I can’t explain it. But yes, I hate it when things are heated up in a microwave. It’s just URGH….I’m sorry for being difficult.

Lounging Around:

Yes, I occasionally blackout on the couch in the lounge. I know you want me to sleep next to you and cuddle because you love your man bear so. I want that too. However, this curse is unpredictable and it just happens. My eyes close while watching a TV series late at night and that’s the last thing I remember until sunrise.

Aliens & Documentaries:

I’m not sorry if I love watching world war 2 documentaries with men that look like they are going to disintegrate from old age or listening to Giorgio A. Tsoukalos waffle on about Aliens. Because that’s what I love. It’s not like I enjoy watching the “Great British Bake Off” yet I still sit there watching it with you.

OK fine. If I’m honest then I have to say that I do, but that’s not the point…

And on that bombshell…I’m not sure how close I got. But I hope it made you giggle a little and not want to disembowel me.

PS…I’d love to see a rebuttal on this!

One thought on “10 Quirks You Loathe About Me

  1. Oooohh balling your socks up before slam dunking them in the wash basket !!!! Nasty, inconsiderate man…

    Now if you took a needle and thread and sewed them together at the top, they would not get seperated would they ? You may walk a bit funny after the washing though.

    Don’t tell your wife I suggested that….

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