Why You’re Awesome

OK, so today I’m going to share something about my personal life. I don’t do it often because I’m practically a hermit and I hate people sticking their noses in to my business. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine and I don’t share easily outside of the home or family unless I know you personally. It’s like the mafia I guess…So today is the day I make an exception because A: It’s the only thing that inspired me this morning and B: It’s one of the better parts of my life, on most days, apart from my son.

My personal share for today is the woman in my life. That’s right Lauren, I’m going to talk about you. Possibly rant and rave. I’m kidding, it’s only going to be rants. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for being the light at the end of my tunnel and for being my psychiatrist while I waffle on about how crap my days usually are. (said the fruitcake to the fruitloop) You know we’ve got something good here when it’s confusing to most people but still makes perfect sense to us. I guess you could say it’s a weird and unconventional love for verbal inquisitions and spouts of emotion that bind us.

Why I think you are awesome:

  • You laugh at my jokes. I’m funny sometimes but I think you might laugh a little more than most people do. So thanks for that
  • I snore like I’m using a chainsaw to cuts trees and you still sleep next to me. You even kick me in the ribs to see if I’m alive when I don’t snore
  • The daily sarcasm you use on me makes me feel special and I enjoy the fact that my weak minded retorts offer you some satisfaction
  • You pull faces that no other female in their right mind would pull in front of a guy. That makes you unique
  • You’re always ready to listen to my problems while you play Candy Crush
  • You share my love for cat pee, chocolate and all things that don’t involve cooking the evening meal
  • You put me in my place when I turn in to a hulking melodramatic man bear. A man is only as strong as the woman by his side

So thank you my she bear. Thank you for loving this douche bag, for giving me a life worth living, for a beautiful kidlet that drives me mad and a home I want to come back to at the end of every day. Yes, things are never as easy as we want them to be but anything great has meaning and is worth fighting for. I’m glad to have you by my side as we face the challenges of this world and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


4 thoughts on “Why You’re Awesome

  1. I am assuming that you are the fruitcake and I am the fruit loop, right? RIGHT?!?!?!
    You are sometimes awesome, other times delusional, but hey, if I can make 8 years of marriage and another 6 before that, then I am sure we can survive each other for the rest of our lives #gasp

    Stay as demented as you are tart.


  2. You guys are so fruity! I love it!!!

    So, can I say thank you to the two of you for bringing the most gentlemen(ly) little human into this world? He’s one of the coolest kids I’ve ever come across and has such wisdom in his eyes, just BEGGING for an opportunity to be sarcastic with his whole face! Does that makes sense? I’m sure it does to you.

    You are a pretty and pretty fanstatic wife, Shaun!

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