Are You A Yes Man? #Blog #TOTD

So here’s my thought for the day…

There are times when being a YES MAN is important, it helps you get further in life, it puts everyone at ease and it’s the easy way out…most of the time. Generally, you have less confrontations than most individuals and things will go smoother. Thus, as with any natural process that involves the path of least resistance, you go with the flow. This in turn means things tend to be a little less complicated as a net result. Which I guess is what most individuals prefer in this day and age because they simply don’t have the passion to care…Is that always the right way to go about things?

No, it’s not because if that’s the way you apply your ideals to everything in life then you are lazy. I don’t think it’s the right way to go about it and I personally feel it’s about finding balance in the decision making process by using the expertise relative to your skill set. While still trying to help companies align strategies, meet their visions and achieve any underlying goals. Obviously that balance is not set in stone and these variables can be tweaked depending on circumstances that justify adhering to or changing those figures to meet the situation.

For example, I’m a 90% YES MAN but I keep about 10% NO in reserve just to preserve my integrity and honor when dealing with my woman. Especially regarding general lifestyle choices that may or may not have significant impacts on our future. I do this in order to not let my woman walk all over me. Because let’s be honest here. Woman are powerful. They are emotionally manipulative creatures with a lust for vengeance and will strike for the kill if given the opportunity to do so. Nonetheless, that’s OK because I love her that way and it keeps me on my toes while I try to figure out her next move.

Now applying this at work is a different story because as I’ve said before, there are different circumstances involved. Yes, most of us want to please everyone including those we report to but sometimes you have to offer resistance to decisions being made as part of your job function. Not because you want to be difficult but because you actually do care about the business you are working for. You care that people have put their trust in you to make the right choices even though those decisions might not suit everyone’s needs at the time. It is your responsibility to make the right call and deliver on the expectations of your role. That’s called passion people. Passion that drives you to deliver nothing less than the best service you could offer.

At the end of the day, be true to yourself. Believe in your intuition, use your skills and trust your instincts no matter what. Fight for what you know are the right choices even though you may encounter resistance. Remember that it’s better to step up and offer your insight instead of agreeing to something you would never have recommended as a long term solution. Sure…Anyone can apply a temporary band aid solution because it’s convenient, cheap and quick but that’s not how I want to be remembered by the people I work with…because we both deserve better than that.

I have the foresight, the expertise and the knowledge to make the right choices so that the future can arrive tomorrow without falling over the present. Be remembered because you gave a damn and know that the right decisions will deliver in the long run. You can achieve acknowledgement and recognition by making progressive long term choices pertaining to changes that are sustainable and future proof.

Respect comes with time and experience. Reputations are born in legend. Don’t always be a YES MAN.

'Would you please send in one of my 'yes-man' to break this tie?'


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