Consumer Rights D.I.Y

You would think in this day and age that the customer would matter and their rights would be protected but let’s be honest here…We are on our own fighting against the system and money does make the world go around. There is no one to help you, the expectation of the consumer always being right is a thing of the past and apparently the CPA stands for nothing.

So what? Boohoo and crocodile tears. That doesn’t mean you get to lie down and give up. No, you fool, this isn’t just about taking the easy way out or throwing in the proverbial towel because it’s convenient. You are one of many, you are one of us, you are a consumer and you cannot back down. Because you are the one creating the avenue for failure and disappointment. We all have reasonable expectations of quality and want the product we see on various media platforms to perform as good as the marketing campaigns say they will. Yet many individuals walk away from a sour deal because it’s too much trouble to fight for their rights when something doesn’t live up to the advertised standards. What do these weak minded individuals end up inadvertently doing? That’s right, they create expectations that the consumer is meek and can be pushed around. The net result is the consumer being their own worst enemy by creating a perception that they are an easy sell and literal cash cows.

Well I’ve got news for you. I’m not one of those people and I will make your life a living hell if you screw me over. I’m not going to stand for anything less than what I am told a product or service will offer and I will not back down if I’m unhappy with the experience. This is my hard earned money that I’m giving up and there is no way I’m will let you take advantage of me. Remember that there is always someone with a good understanding of what service management is in any organization and I will do whatever it takes to find them because that is my expectation. Don’t get me wrong though. It’ not a totally one sided argument here because there are various logical reasons why business’s tend to lock down on purchases etc. and sadly there are a few individuals that do tend to take advantage of what little rights we do have left. Which is why there are so many roadblocks to deal with in after sales service. But these reasons are in the minority and must not be the deciding factors about how to deal with honest hard working consumers who are unhappy with a purchase or service.

People must protect themselves against terrible business practices and have to recognize this. We are entitled to a fair deal and the right to have a reasonable expectation about the quality of a product that is purchased. Don’t be ashamed about requesting full disclosure of policies on returns or asking for adequate disclaimers about the business practices followed by the stores you shop at. That’s your right and in my opinion should already be clearly disclosed by the business you are dealing with if they take customer service seriously. It’s more professional to be upfront and open with your customers instead of withholding information that could potentially affect sales because you are greedy for profit.

As a consumer, always try to remember these four basic things that can save you a lot of headaches and frustration. Firstly, always ask up front about what the refund or return policies are. If you don’t like the policy then simply don’t buy from them and your problems will stop right there. Secondly read and comprehend the policy of the invoice you sign. Understand that no one can change these regulations on a whim once you have signed the purchase invoice. It is a contractual and binding document. If there are changes then you have to be notified either verbally or in writing that you understand those changes. Third, if you are not getting what you want within fair reason then escalate your query to the next line lead until you get results and don’t stop until you reach the top if need be. Lastly use social media to vent your frustration if you need to expedite a timely resolution.

You have the rights. Use them! Stop taking things for granted, don’t be gullible and stop being lazy. Fight the good consumer fight and never back down.

To the business’s out there. Happy clients are smart cash cows. Think about it…


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