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OK, it’s been a while since I posted….yes, I know you missed me and I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve been a little preoccupied over the past month trying to survive hitting the ground running alone in a remote location. That being said, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn the lay of the land. Albeit as a very quick crash course whilst adapting to a very different way of life. Unfortunately it’s not all sunshine and rainbows which evidently has nothing to do with my location.

What I mean is that I’ve still had my fair share of frustrations with customer service that apparently falls short just about everywhere in this world and that’s why I’m ranting today. This situation isn’t a unique issue but it’s an incredibly frustrating one at that and it involves the supply and demand of Black Friday. Common logic dictates that with great discounts comes increased demand which is an obvious conclusion.

If  a company is going to supply something at an exceptional discount with VAS (value added services) then it is absolutely critical that they make sure they can meet the demand. Failure to do so makes a business look incompetent. It creates a perception of baiting customers, stealing  profit margins from competitors, makes the business appear untrustworthy and takes away customer satisfaction by making the purchaser suffer for the failures of the company due to its inability to supply to stock.

Do you have any idea how bad this is Tesco? Yes, this is about you. I don’t think I’m unreasonable and I’m surprisingly patient irrespective of my demeanor and outlook on life…But I have my limits and today I reached new heights with the way you’ve been messing me around for the past 7 days. Don’t you understand that next day delivery means next day? Why is it my fault that you cannot deliver on the stock you promised? Do you think I would have bought it from you if you had disclosed on your website that I would have had to wait 6 additional days for it to arrive. If it ever does? Do you expect me to be sympathetic to your plight after I just spent a bucket load of money on a product and I haven’t even been able to hold in my hands yet? I can assure you that I would have taken my business elsewhere, purchased that product on the day and I would be sitting here right now enjoying it had I not chosen to put my trust in the Tesco Direct ordering system.

Sadly, you continue to lie, you over promise, under deliver, make excuses and cannot commit to an ETA or be bothered about finding an amicable solution to my problem. I will continue to complain and harass you until I get the service I expect. This is your own fault for creating this expectation and you need to make it right. I will not back down and I will not accept a refund for a product I will never be able to purchase at that discounted price again. How dare you attempt to side step the issue by offering me a refund because it’s the easiest way out…Stand up deliver on your customers expectations, take the financial knock if you have to. Because the reality is this. You messed up and you need fix it. Repair your reputation while you still can or be prepared to suffer the consequences of losing a lot of customers.

Don’t be just another greedy business looking to take advantage of the general public…because at the moment, that’s all you appear to be.


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