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OK, so I promised myself that I wouldn’t do posts on the weekend but alas…#Fail.

My weekend is the time where I retreat to my fortress of solitude and go about my daily business, which some of you may recognize as living. Albeit as you know, it’s a very short lived moment, which is why most people end up losing their minds when Monday creeps up on them.  Sadly, I can’t point them out as incoherent idiots because I, like the people I refer to, have been affected by the event horizon of a black hole from time to time.

Anyway, back to the point of this post…Flash Sales up to 70% Off.

If there is anything else I know people can lose their minds about, it’s this. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds enticing, appeals to the visual cortex and in your mind you ponder running through the isles filling your shopping carts with a maniacal smile on your face. Frankly, I’m extremely cautious about my dreams of rainbows and unicorns coming true every time I see “Up To 70% Off“.  Mostly because I never see rainbows or unicorns when something magical happens…Meh go figure.

What our brains perceive when a flash sale happens:

  1. They are obviously pushing their best selling products at mental prices. I’ll lose my mind if I don’t get my “buy in” before the sale ends. I’m going to buy 3 of those. 1 for myself and 2 for my buds just because I can
  2. It’s clearly 70% off the retail price for that top of the line product in the advertisement
  3. Tweet furiously about it from your keyboard or phone like you are playing the piano song “Gaspard de la nuit by Maurice Ravel” so you can be the first to tell the world about the most awesome deal you have ever seen

What the reality is when a flash sale happens:

  1. They list a top selling product as the front runner for the “Flash Sale” which entices the human need for greed. Everyone wants it
  2. The top selling products are offered as part of a range of discounted items at up to 70% off. There is no claim that this specific product will retail at 70% off. As it says…”Up To”. It’s usually like 5% off -_-
  3. I’ve just marketed their brand, informed everyone about the sale that’s happening and the company has just solicited my marketing services for nothing. I’m a social media marketing woman of the night

Let’s put this out there. Marketing companies spend millions on the study of dynamic psychological selling. They get in to your mind and use you like blubbering sheep. You think this is some charitable event where the company decides to be nice because of all the business they’ve received? You think this is air you are breathing? No you fool. It’s ROI, they generate millions in marketing value, reduce risks on excess inventory, increase sales of other products through in store sales and push specific products using the exposure in order to promote them.

Look, I’m not saying that there never are good deals. There are the occasional opportunities to score, but 99% of the time it’s the latter. It’s just plain old marketing genius. Just stop and think hard next time you see a flash sale. Don’t let the hobbitses nasty tricks override your perception of reality. It’s not that difficult to be aware and avoid being cattle.


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