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Hello Thewayitsnot readers…all one milllion of you. I know it’s been a while since my last post and I really don’t want to apologize for not being angry enough to provide any rants but I am sorry for not keeping in touch. Thus I thought it would be prudent to bring you up to speed with a few highlights of our adventure so far…

  1. My website was hacked and all my site data was deleted. Curse you fiends…Fortunately, it pays to backup, you learn from your mistakes and there’s never a better time to figure out how to restore SQL databases than when you are under an insane amount of pressure and shock. As you can see, I’m back and prepared until the next take down happens. :/
  2. The chosen one, my son is now a minecraft expert. Apparently he’s making portals to the Nether and trying to fly “Ghasts”. I just hang my head in shame as my son defeats his own father with his technical “know how” of the inner workings of Minecraft’s game mechanics. For those of you who don’t know Minecraft, think of it as a virtual Lego world. If you don’t know what Lego is then I demand that you crawl under a rock and evolve.
  3. I’ve started new job, it’s been just over a month and a half into the role and I’m loving it. In fact, it’s so good that I’m concerned about enjoying it too much. Me enjoying work…Pffft…
  4. I’m using public transport for 90% of my travel to and from work. That’s right I said it…I’m using the train and my legs. It’s amazing O_o.
  5. The she bear and I have recently applied for our British driving licenses. The scary thing was that we had to submit our passports via the post as part of the approval process. Unbelievably, things went exactly as they were supposed to without any complications. We now have our new licenses and our passports have been safely returned!
  6. Summer in the London is great. “Hot” here is maybe 24-28 degrees which is just perfect. Then again, I also think Winter in the London is great. People don’t understand how I can enjoy both but I just do. I’m obviously made for the cold weather…Must be all those muscles :/
  7. I finally know how to go to the shop across the road without my Garmin. Yes, it’s about 50 meters away but that’s not the point here.
  8. The she bear has found solace in Spotify because she’s a complete music junky and having the worlds entire music collection legally available for custom playlists is a no brainer. She also enjoys a high tea every now and then. Fancy that…
  9. Everyone knows that I’m a hermit because I’m more than happy to sit at home on the weekends and relax. However, there have been a few rare sightings of my clone at the natural history museum, Dinosaur putt putt and the occasional pub quiz with the family. It’s all rumours I tell you…
  10. I’d like to find something else to add to this list to reach a 10th highlight but I’ve run out of ideas so this sentence will have to do for now…Oh wait, I can mention that our boy is developing an accent and I’m completely happy about it! Although the she bear isn’t too impressed if I’m honest. You can’t stand in the way of adaptation. It’s a survival tactic.

And that’s that…Truth be told, I haven’t had anything inspiring or frustrating to write about and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that I’m content for now until someone pisses me off or I get inspired which will happen eventually. For now, I’ll enjoy the peace and try not to do another post on how my son inspires me on a daily basis to be a better man because I could sit here all day and write about that.

I know cheesy right -_-


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