Making The Choice To Become A Parent

Today’s post is a shout out to all those courageous parents out there that have decided to have kids either through natural means or adoption. You are the unsung secret heroes of your children’s lives and even more so in the eyes of parents around the world. Because we know what you are going through. The contribution you’ve made to the spinning wheel of society means another generation of humanity will continue to evolve and prosper.

Personally, I’m Pro “Creation” & Here’s 6 Reasons Why I Think It’s Important To Consider Having Children:

  • Kids are a barrel of laughs. Seriously though, put your kid in a barrel when he/she whines and roll him/her down a hill for shits and giggles. It’s priceless…
  • Children bring out a special kind of love that you’ve never experienced before. Not something you have for your partner or your pets. This is something that drives you to the brink of insanity because you have to love them even when they are being complete assholes.
  • They give you a reason to get up in the morning. Sure, there are other motivators out their like your income but nothings stronger than the need to get your kid in to school and away from you for 6 hours of bliss. Education is a right dammit!
  • Babies make you feel like you’ve been setup to star in a reality TV show were you have to perform your Navy Seals training in the first 3 months of birth. You like sleep? DO YOU! DO YOU! If you can live through that then you can survive anything. #Truestory
  • You now have a concern for the future that you never had before and every penny counts. You know those expensive habits of yours. Yup, those “wants” are nothing more than a delayed dream. Sure, it will eventually happen but getting that brand name accessory that costs excessive amounts money when you’re 80. Just isn’t cool anymore.
  • Kids make you healthy in part for their sake. Never have I felt more guilty about eating fast food than I have in the last 4 years. Sure maybe it’s the fact that I have the metabolism of a whale which plays a larger part in the process but I’m sure my kid is the primary reason that I actively try to eat more salad. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt…-_-

Jokes aside and in all seriousness. I am taking the piss out of the situation and it’s really not that bad. I can honestly say this has been the best choice I’ve ever made and I would never change it for the world.  Yes, there are negatives but in my opinion the positives I get out of this relationship with my kid far outweigh anything that would cause me doubt. I’ve yet to suffer any major setbacks and I would love to have a second child. However, that is a decision that involves not only myself but my child and my woman. That’s the one and only time a person can’t be selfish when it comes to the amount of kids you want. Because everyone in your immediate family has a right to voice their opinion. Especially the woman…obviously. Their engagement is the key to the process in the first place.

On That Note:

Having children is always a hot topic which usually leads to a debate. There’s always a difference of opinion. You have your haters on the one end and the opposition on other. Some people are cautiously optimistic and decide to have one child. While others decide to raise an army of children so that they can sell them off as batteries to the Matrix. A few individuals feel that it’s important to have at least more than one child as a minimum because they strongly believe that an only child will struggle to survive in this world by him or herself. Lastly we have our naysayers who flat-out refuse to have kids because it’s just not something they are prepared to deal with or invest time in.

And you know what. I understand and I agree with all of these points. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that. But don’t preach to me about what you think is best and don’t tell me that I’m being selfish. Because the honest and unequivocal truth is this. Everyone is selfish no matter what they choose to do. That’s right, I just made this a level playing field. Which means everyone from the individual that has 8 kids to someone who has none by choice. Are equally selfish in their decisions. Do you think that you could argue with that perspective if you were truly honest with yourself? Think about it. By definition, choices that an individual makes are motivated by self needs and there’s no way to sugar coat that. It’s the truth and there is nothing wrong with being selfish in this scenario.  You are looking out for what’s in your best interest and needs. No one else should be able to dictate how many kids you have if any.

Remember that these decisions are your own. You must make your own choices and be prepared to sleep in the proverbial bed that comes along with the decisions you make. Hmm…Maybe I’ll follow-up on this with a post about why you shouldn’t have kids.


2 thoughts on “Making The Choice To Become A Parent

  1. This is a great post. In my opinion the only people that never talk about how hard parenting is, are those with no children. And the rest that make it sound like a permanent holiday are lying. But that aside, it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do with your life.

    I would also love another child, but we are at a stage in our lives now where we can either provide a very good life and education for the child we have or have another one and not be in a financial position to do so. I think alot of people don’t think about how another child is going to affect his/her siblings life.

    Showee being an adult is just to difficult sometimes……

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