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This is my first blog post so here it goes…

Human logic is severely flawed as some of you may know. For those that don’t understand this, don’t worry you’re already there.  For a civilization that has evolved so rapidly, we are still incredibly young, immature and over complicate things. Sometimes we should just K.I.S.S.

Take traffic for example. I mean this seriously. There are engineers constantly working to build wider roads to accommodate expansion.   We’ve got city planners optimizing traffic flow daily. Millions being spent on developing more efficient intelligent traffic systems (that’s the little green, orange and red lights at intersections for those of you that need further elaboration) that dynamically adapt and load balance traffic on a day to day basis.  Little programs to entice carpooling that have no hope of ever succeeding and finally, rapid transport systems, that attempt to reduce the amount of people on the roads by offering affordable transportation.  Let’s all be honest here, if you have a car and can afford the insane petrol prices (post coming on this) then you don’t want use inconvenient and unreliable public transport systems.

Yet, after all this, traffic is still horrendous and most people wake up in cold sweats during the night anticipating the nightmare that is your “traffic life”.  It’s very scary when you actually sit down and calculate accumulated time wasted that could be used for the betterment of humanity. Here’s a rough number from personal experience. 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week, 40 hours per month and 480 hours per year. That’s 20 days of my life wasted in traffic every year. Granted, you have to account for travel time but over two thirds of that is traffic delays.

Has anyone actually stopped and noticed how nicely traffic flows when there are school holidays? I honestly couldn’t have an easier time getting to work in the mornings. I wake up without a care in the world, cruise to work, I’m more productive and the economy does better. #winning…Less stress, less anger and less accidents.  Imagine that every morning, with everyone else in the country sharing that same experience. That’s just priceless.

I’m no expert here but I think we need to consider alternatives…Do we:

A) Develop a program to stop having millions of children and regulate it so that we can eventually see a balance of school vs. work traffic
B) Just shut up and deal with the 20 days of wasted life
C) Wait and hope for automated guidance system that drives the car for you so that you don’t have to deal with the frustrations of traffic
D) Waste more money trying to make wider highways that eventually lead to a bottleneck at intersections that cannot be expanded due to limited landscape
E) Develop programs to allow remote schooling over the internet
F) Develop a rapid transport system that is built purely for school transport and becomes part of the school fees possibly subsidized through road tax

Personally, I’d lean on F) but that’s my opinion. What do you think?


One thought on “Morning Traffic’ing

  1. A – Will never work, if poverty and poor living conditions and hunger do not deter people from overpopulating the planet, they really do not care if you are sitting in traffic as they more than likely, cannot afford motor vehicles.

    B – Current status quo, so what is to consider ?

    C – May allow you to do other things like sleep/read/work, bus is no guarantee to reduce travel time

    D – So what do you think exists / is happening right now ?

    E – Has potential, but I do not think youths of school going age have the maturity or responsibility to make this work, besides, interacting with others is part of the education. Also how many people can afford to be at home to “care” for the youngsters ?

    F – The cost of this to be able to safely guarantee the delivery of your child to your childs school bearing in mind that not all children from a particular school, live in the same area. Invest in safe, efficient, rapid transport system that the entire community can use, and yes, you may have a solution, but it has to be SAFE, RAPID, AFFORDABLE and CONVENIENT !

    There is also the option for more employers (where the job type allows it) to trust and allow their employees to work from home. In today’s day and age, with the technology available this is more than feasible for a large percentage of workers. Of course, the employee will need to play there part here and not abuse the privilege !

    Finally what about flexible working hours, if implemented across the board, this and the previous option are probably the cheapest and easiest to implement, all it needs is maturity, trust and probably implementation across the board.

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