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I think this is considered one of the obvious generic things that every person does at one time in their lives and with that in mind, its high time I did mine. I’ve never really thought about it until recently because I’ve always been content to live a quiet uneventful life since the day I became self-aware. I’m not sure why though, but not having a list has never really bothered me . Maybe I was satisfied with achieving simple things that were feasible and within my reach. Maybe that was all I ever needed up until this point or maybe I was just afraid of failure. Personally, I’m going with the latter.

I never really had delusions of grandeur and I was prepared to accept that life played out as a sequence of predetermined events. Which I was destined to follow because I always made my choices based on a logical train of thought. By persistently asking what relative value there was against the respective risks, when weighed against each other. Would I ever dare to think outside the box at the risk of making things more complicated than they needed to be. How could I ever change when I had the spontaneity of a sloth? These were my internal struggles…

But as time goes on, you mature with age, things change and as everyone eventually realizes, change is good. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone for a lot of things in my life right now. So it’s “as good a time as any” to start making my bucket list. Perhaps, that will motivate me to push even harder. As I step up to face new challenges on the horizon. Maybe doing this is the turning point that gives me that last bit of courage I need. In order to pursue the things I really want to do in this life instead of accepting the space I’m in. Don’t get me wrong though. I am happy with what I do have but I feel that there’s more to life than just being OK with the way things are. Yes, I’ve done well and survived long enough to pass on my genetic traits and code. But I need to stop relying on my cautious nature as a crutch. When everything is said and done. It’s better to live through a moment of regret than regret a moment you missed. And with that in mind, here we go.

My Bucket List – Top 10:

1:  Buy a real American muscle car. What can I say, I love the power of those raw V6 engines
2:  Be a race car driver for a day. Yes, I like speed. It’s One of my bad habits
3:  Travel the world. Generic I know but why not
4:  Sky Dive. I’ve always been afraid to bungee jump let alone sky dive so why not go all the way
5:  Learn another language. Hmm…Maybe German
6:  Visit Lego World with my son. I love Lego and so does my boy.  Time for some man bear bonding
7:  Do the rounds at the Oktoberfest Munich “beer festival”. I’ve wanted to do this since I watched the movie “Road Trip”. Beer, woman and bratwurst
8:  Visit Disney Land with my son. What father doesn’t want to do that with his kid
9:  Own a business. Who doesn’t want to be the boss
10: Get a doctorate. I’ve got the potential, I’m just lazy and it’s a long-term goal

Wow, that was a hard share. Hahaha…but it seriously felt good and someday I’ll get there. One day I’ll find the time and money to do these things or at least prioritize a few of them. That being said, it’s not like I haven’t achieved some of my personal goals to date because I have and I’ve even managed to surpass the expectations of a few individuals who doubted my tenacity, to not only be good at what I do, but to excel in life.

Here’s to your dreams and goals. Never give up and never surrender!!!


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