My Prime Directive

Just so you understand. I’m not editing out my emotions that follow in due course…

So what’s your driving force in this universe of madness? How do you get up every morning and work your ass off for 9 hours a day only to come home. Eat, drop a depth charge, have 5 hours of social time (let’s be honest…at least one hour for twitter), if you are lucky. Then sleep, rinse and repeat. What makes you give your all to survive society and push the limits of your mental endurance? Because it’s sure as hell not for the fun of it. Unless of course you lack the mental aptitude which gives you the foresight to understand the dilemma you are in. The reality of “you live, you work, you die.”

I’ll be honest here. It’s not easy kiddies and it doesn’t get any more intuitive as time goes on. 32 Years down the line and I’m still chugging on. I’ve got more grey hairs on the side of my head than Reed Richards and I look like a Silverback gorilla. Yet I keep on pushing through those moments in the morning where I wake up like a birthed Llama. If you don’t get that then don’t ask because it’s too complicated to explain. Sure, I’m human and I’ve wanted to throw in the towel more times than I could count when the going got tough. But that’s not what a man does. The man bear is the rock, the support totem of his family and he is the person that stands tall when the times are hard. The moment he drops that responsibility, is the moment he is no longer a man but a failure. While a man is proud, he should not be ignorant enough fall to pride and rely on his strength alone. His strength should come from his family, his lover and his children. OK, I just teared up a bit but I’m not going to show anyone because I’m a man…Right, my eyes have cleared up and I’m feeling emotionally strong again. Here we go…

I find strength in my son’s smile, his innocence and his untainted view of humanity. I find strength in my she bear’s passion, forgiveness, warmth and love. I find strength in knowing that we are family, we will create new memories together and we will protect each other from the raw unbridled anger of this world…(sorry happening again)…Must be my periods (EMO bear awakening). So that future generations of our lineage will prosper. This is what inspires me to never give up and never surrender.

And on that emotional (ball of trauma) note. Find happiness in your life and solace in the small things that matter. Avoid delusions of grandeur that will destroy you from the inside out. Remember that the need to be something more than what you have achieved, is not as important as protecting what you have lived for and the ones you love. That is where you will find your true strength and the drive to be a better person. For reasons that are not your own selfish intentions.

That is the truth of personal success. That is my prime directive.

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2 thoughts on “My Prime Directive

  1. The driving force is called survival ! Survival of this mad ride that your devious parents forced on you to get back at their parents for forcing it on them, who were getting back at their parents….(you get it)

    The key to survival on this mad ride, is to try and do it with integrity so that when the {insert mode of transport here} arrives at it’s final destination, you can look back on a journey enjoyed, look in the mirror with pride and say “I’m proud of that man”.

    Sure there will be hair raising bends, gut dropping dips and gut floating bumps and lots of potholes, but there are also smooth patches and carefree floating along the way. We have to, no MUST, be able to enjoy the good, endure the bad and make the most of what is dealt to us. It IS within each and everyone of us to be positive every day, look for the positives (they are all around you) don’t dwell on the negatives (they are all around too), you, and ONLY YOU, can determine what you get out of every day !

    One day when your primary job of looking after your little ones (that you are getting even with) have moved on to start their own journey, you can ease off the throttle and strat to do the things YOU want, things YOU enjoy. The ride becomes a bit more pleasant then because you are more in charge of the journey/destination and if you run out of fuel, so what, it is only your own arse on the line, not your little passengers.

    Right now it is called sacrifice, the rewards come later and that my son, is what we sacrifice for, the eventual rewards, in whatever form they may come.

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