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Generally speaking I’m a pretty patient guy. Sure I’m more grumpy than the average individual due to my realistic and overly logical approach to the world. I don’t take too much to heart and I think I’m pretty relaxed when it comes down to it. But I do have a few gripes that hit home deeper than most. One of them being “passing the buck”. Because there’s nothing worse than not taking ownership for the failure to deliver a service or function. Don’t act like you are paying it forward pretending to be Haley Joel Osment or passing on the baton in honor like an Olympic athlete. Those of course are positive connotations and passing the buck is not.

Sadly what I’ve experienced over the years in terms of customer service is that most companies end up doing exactly this. They continuously try to sidestep the issue and move out of the line of fire by blaming third parties. This only helps to prove your companies lack of fortitude, encourages poor perception and shows the companies fear of being held accountable. Which means you can’t be trusted to deliver on your business model and that’s a problem because the image sticks. But there are a few exceptions that do come as a pleasant surprise, once in a while. Today I’m going to highlight my satisfaction with an electrical service provider. That blew my mind with their willingness to help rectify issues I had brought to their attention even though those issues were 4 years old.

OK, let’s get some background story going here which I’ll keep short. As you know with all property purchases, the seller, by law has to get their electrical certification approved prior to transfer. Thus one can assume that I had purchased a property. The property was certified and transfer went through. Cue time travel and we come full circle. The property was going up for sale. The place was inspected by an independent electrical contractor and faults were found that should have been rectified in the first inspection when the house was purchased. Man was I angry…

Bearing in mind at this stage in the process of selling, you are highly stressed and complications like the above are the last thing you need. It also wasn’t a lot of money but it was the principle of the matter because something like this is specifically why inspections are done in the first place. Needless to say, I contacted my estate agent and the transfer attorneys in an absolute rage to find out why this had happened. Which eventually led to me getting in contact with Technobugs North who had attended to the original inspection.

Much to my surprise. There was no blow back, passing the buck or trying to sidestep the issue. They stepped up. Took accountability, performed an investigation and came to the property for an inspection the same day that I contacted them. They then asked the electrician on site who was busy with the new electrical certification to provide them with a break down of the costs Technobugs was responsible for. The costs of the break down of work and materials involved was handed over and the difference was paid straight in to my account. Thereafter, I received a formal apology which I accepted and we went our separate ways.

As such, I feel it’s important to highlight the way they managed this situation and I want to emphasize how happy I am with the level of service I’ve received. Because it’s rare these days and it is a brilliant example of how consumers should be treated by the companies they deal with. Yes, you do get people who try to take advantage of businesses. But the majority of the time, the consumer’s issues are real. We expect businesses that provide us with a service or a product to step up, own the brand they represent and be accountable.

Thanks again Technobugs North (Now Technoelectrical) for stepping up and being accountable even though my complaint came with 4 years of baggage.

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2 thoughts on “Passing The Consumer Around The Bucks:

  1. I do not know the facts in this instance, therefore the following response is based purely on what I am reading, between the lines or otherwise…

    Being a logical person myself (I don’t know where you get it from son) I have to ask the question, why was a certificate issued (four years ago) if there were problems then that were not fixed or still a problem now and were the problems that were not fixed billed to the previous owner and a certificate given anyway?

    Yes, it’s great that they made right what was wrong, but why on discovery four years later, why not at the time they were contracted to do the inspection. Are they happy to fix/pay mow because we do not need the negative publicity now they have been questioned ? Why was it not done right first time ?

    What “if” in those four years an electrical “fault not corrected” had led to a fire or injury ? Think of the court battle then, (if the evidence could be found that is)

    Just asking

    1. I thought about this before I reacted and I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. 4 years is a long time and there are too many opportunities to argue the validity of any claims put forward if it went to court. I offered them the chance to rectify this amicably and they did so. Obviously something of this nature is a risk and I’m very sure that I would have made them pay severely had it happened. I don’t know the exact risks and fortunately nothing did happen.

      Remember, while I am praising them, I’m also raising awareness of the risk posed and the company responsible for my personal experience. So this post has a double edge.

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