Passing The Wisdom Buck #totd

So this may come as a surprise to some but it appears that I’ve been at peace for a while now and yes…it’s equally as shocking for me to admit that. I’m completely supercalifragilisticexpialidociously surprised to realize that I have nothing to complain about right now. It appears, as my father once said in all his wisdom, experience and flowing silver locks (he really has great hair for an old man) that he would see this day come to pass. I would learn that time brings wisdom, patience and the realization quality over quantity matters in the general aspect of life. I’ll admit that it’s a great place to be in but there’s a cost to finding that equilibrium. Akin to the not so uncommon statement “the story of my life”.

Fear not if you cannot comprehend this obscure statement, because you will in due course. Probably at around the age of 30 roughly depending on just how your life has developed. However, if you happen to be 25 or younger and you’ve made is this far in to my post, then kudos for the effort. Don’t be that generic ignorant teenager that says yes sir 3 bags full sir when the father passes on his wisdom. Don’t nod and think you know better because you don’t you little turd.

Everyone’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when they come of age so don’t think it’s a unique situation because it’s not. Most kidlets think they are invincible and nothing can stop them but I’m hoping you choose not to be that fool. Because the reality is, that life will slap you in the face and force you in to submission, if you are not prepared for it. Hopefully all those year of rigorous training and life skills given to you by your parents will empower you with the courage and intellect to see further than your immediate needs. So that you can make a success of your life.

Remember that most people don’t take the time to stop, evaluate their current position and plan on what they should be doing to achieve their vision of a bountiful future. Because here’s the scary part. Doing so requires acknowledgement of the poor choices and irresponsible decisions that you may have made in the past. So that you can learn from them. That in itself is a scary thing to face. Just the thought of taking on “project” life is an overwhelming task because you begin to realize just how hard you have to work to get were you want to be. But that’s life , that’s being an adult and that is the responsibility of living in a society that’s driven by a flourishing economy. Because you sure as hell can’t barter in cows and chickens for a car. Well I may be wrong but I’d rather not go there right now…

Yes, having challenges in life suck but they provide a person with a sense of purpose and something to focus on. With age, those distractions lose focus and this is when adulthood really hits home. The mind has time to reflect on the stark realization that life is fleeting and you will eventually fade out of existence only to be lost in the thoughts of others in years to come. In turn ebbing an individuals thoughts in to dark recesses of their minds, forcing them to re-evaluate their priorities. Cultivating the need to survive, provide and gather resources for that long harsh road ahead in the interest of their self-preservation and the protection of their family or loved ones.

Of course I could complain about the annoying TV ads that plague my 2 hours of daily mind numbing entertainment that is the Nat Geo and the history channel. But I fear that it would not offer any significant value over the wisdom that I could pass on to my son in due course.

Pay attention Jensen and don’t nod. Just listen and learn…


One thought on “Passing The Wisdom Buck #totd

  1. I clearly remember the days I told you that “one day you will sit up and say to yourself……..:

    That day has come. Nice one son, brought a big smile and a small tear the the silver haired old man.

    Now make sure you keep drumming those lessons into your sons head, even if you think he is not listening. One day he will

    Love you

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