Photoflop Fails

So today I’m going to do something different. Because sometimes less is more. Here are some funny Photoshop fails that made me laugh. Some are intentional, others are not. Either way, the result is the same.

Photoflop Fails 1# – Ah, life’s a bitch and so is the mirror at your local Gym. It sees through all your lies and as the saying goes “close but not close enough”.

Photoflop Fails 2# – Now I’m hoping your intention was to make this as funny as it looks. Because not only have you “photo bombed” your own picture but you’ve put Michael Jackson’s face on to someone’s man bear body. What I find strange here is that the head transfer is almost undetectable. Which is weird because it looks like you paid my cat 12 pounds of catnip to do the merger in to your original photo, using MS Paint.

Photoflop Fails 3# – I really don’t need to say much here but the fact that someone felt the need to highlight the distortion raises some concerns for me. Really “Mr Anonymous” person that made the MS Paint circle so he could make sure no one would miss the Photoshop editing. Really…..

Photoflop Fails 4# – There’s nothing worse than being a Graphic designer and failing at Photoshop this blatantly. How do you miss something like an arm extending to hold an invisible bag?

Photoflop Fails 5# – Now I’m pretty sure this wasn’t intentional but wow. I’m sorry to tell you that your right leg has been teleported to another dimension. The tiny tyrannosaurus arm on your right side is disturbing and that fake light flare escaping from your pants does not help hide your Photoshop fail.

Photoflop Fails 6# – Design faults on the front cover = Epic fail. But that’s not actually a flop. If you look closely then you can see her real arm at some crazy angle covered in clothing. Though I’m not surprised that it looks weird because this woman has some seriously long ass E.T. fingers….Mega phone home.

Photoflop Fails 7# – No that’s not a creepy fail at all…


Photoflop Fails 8# –  Marketing tactics 101. Scare the crap out of your customers with a creepy “The Thing” grandpa hand. Before selling them the product #Winning.


Photoflop Fails 9# – Nice abs Twilight or Casper or whatever doesn’t get a reflection in the mirror.


Photoflop Fails 10# – Well done ladies. Your Colgate smile doesn’t make you look like douche bags at all. Furthermore, it looks completely natural if I ignore the bleached lips. -_-


Of course I’m not claiming I’m a Photoshop expert and my skills equate to nothing more than drawing circles in MS Paint like my cat. But I know that the only time I’ll try to photoflop a picture is to make it look funny intentionally. Here’s my previous attempt at humor which I posted on Twitter during a Simon Cowell # trend. Not bad for MS Paint but not pretty either :)


Winners know when to quit. Feel free to share your Photoflop fails if you dare.


6 thoughts on “Photoflop Fails

  1. Not that I’m jumping on Laurens bandwagon at all, Errrr, No.6..

    “If you like closely” ?

    Something similar to “Like I look you, but I’m not that into you” or maybe “something look that”

    If this was Facebook, I could “look” this post


    Have a lovely evening son…

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