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So today, I’m going to do something a little different and maybe it’s something that will stick. I don’t know if it will work but it’s a change and sometimes change can be good. I’m going to do a review on the cinema I went to and on the movie I watched. Which may inadvertently involve ranting and raving. Who am I kidding, it will.

Nu Metro  – Canal Walk:

The price on tickets is reasonable. It’s obviously the main selling point of coming to the cinema to watch the movie on the big screen which is justified. The general quality of the cinema infrastructure from both a seating, audio and visual perspective was good. The biggest issue for me was the price of the snack food at the counters which in my opinion is completely insane. For an adult, you pay almost R60 to R90+ for a decent sized cool drink, popcorn and a sweet of some sort. That’s far too expensive guys…Furthermore, the size of your medium to large sizes do not scale relative to the price increase. It’s shameful that people cannot see this and are more than happy to blindly pay for something that has no relative value. Let’s not even contemplate the powdered condiments in those long metal shakers. Trying to extract the cheese and chives powder out of the container is the most complicated exercise ever known to man. You literally have to beat the crap out of the container to get a little bit of powder on your popcorn and at the same time fear the inevitability of the whole container pouring out due to the force required to distribute the powder in the first place. On top of this, the quality of the popcorn offered was unacceptable. That for me was the worst part. Not only did I have to take out a bond to pay for my snacks but about 1/5th of the way down in to the box, I discovered burnt popcorn. Now the last thing you want to do in the middle of the movie is leave, waste 15 minutes of your life at the food counter getting dirty looks, while you complain and then head back to resume watching a movie and inadvertently miss the most important scene which ruins the entire experience. It’s funny how some people are still amazed by the audacity of other humans sneaking food in to cinemas? if you disagree with this and have in fact had a wonderful yet cost-effective experience at the cinema then I do believe you may have been high off the fumes of powdered condiment vapor that lands just about everywhere but on your burnt popcorn.

Dawn Of the Planet Of The Apes: In A Nutshell (Spoiler Alert)

The movie resumes with Caesar and his troop of apes having founded a village cordoned off with a wooden viking styled wall and a cliff to their backs in the Muir Woods. Perhaps not the most strategic position in terms of location but what do you expect. The mere fact that they have built a small fort is an achievement in itself considering the fact that Caesar could barely speak in the last movie. In 2016, 99% of humans have died from an ape strain of influenza and the remaining few humans left alive are conveniently immune. Nonetheless, the survivors have formed a colony in San Francisco below the woods. Unfortunately as usual, the humans are close to using up all that’s left of their fuel resources and now need to look for alternative means of power. Cue conveniently placed hydro reservoir in the woods behind the ape village. One thing leads to another and there is friction between both groups as the humans negotiate to try to get the reservoir operational again. Caesar agrees as he still believes there is potential for peace while others like Koba, the lesser dominant, who loathes the humans, fears that repairing the hydro reservoir and restoring power will make the humans an even greater threat. Caesar knows rejecting the humans will most certainly start a war if he denies their request and so an internal struggle amongst the apes begins. One thing leads to another, the humans restore power but predictably Koba’s hate and fear are too strong. Caesar is overthrown as Koba turns in to what he hates the most, by attempting to kill Caesar and laying the blame on humans for his death. This of course leads to all out war as the apes beloved leader is believed to be dead.

If you are a fan boy, SCIFI junky or just enjoy the nostalgia of the Planet Of The Apes saga then it’s an obvious choice, you would love watching this. It fits the timeline well and provides clarity on the next step of the evolution of the story to close the gap between the original movies and the first prequel.  Just remember that it’s not designed or built with 3D in mind so don’t waste your money watching it in 3D.

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