The Emotion Of Human Behaviour

It’s a sad thing when you wake up to unnecessary acts of violence in the world and frankly it’s disturbing. Why we as humans have an innate ability for self-destructive behaviour in this day and age is beyond me. We’ve made so much progress in our way of thinking, the way we live and how we take care of this earth. Yet we still behave like we’ve just crawled out of a cave and go bat shit crazy when our emotions get the better of us.

Yes things happen that are unjust. It’s hard to control your emotions when problems affect you on a personal level. And we live in a discombobulated world where everyone has a right to their own opinion and freedom of thought. Sometimes even the social views of those around you don’t coincide with your own and it’s something you have to accept. The fact is…It sucks to be human and it’s as complicated as hell to survive in an ever-changing world of unique individuals. Seriously though guys. We are supposed to be evolving here. Not regressing in to animalistic behaviour with a pack mentality of lust for vengeance and blood. Violence begets violence, hate leads to more hate and so the vicious cycle will continue indefinitely until we wake up.

Is that statement of hate worth the memory that becomes ingrained in our history books. Only find it come full circle again years later. No, it’s not. What you need to do is look at the system, understand how it’s failing you and then use your intellect to help find a solution. Because if it’s failing you then you can be sure it’s bound to be failing others. Yes, you can run around in a group like mindless thugs trying to state your point. Which might be easier considering it’s the likely route a Neanderthal would take. Or you could perhaps stop, think and be smart about it. Use the sum intellectual power of the people willing to aid you to make a positive change instead of using their physical presence to intimidate. You’d be surprised how collective thought and community resources can work together to initiate change for the betterment of society. Remember being aggressively receptive to negative responses whether physical or psychological only help to fuel frustration and retaliation because it’s human nature. Sure you’re getting the point across but that’s temporary. Worst of all you indulge the parasites who don’t even give a crap about your reasons for the backlash in the first place. These are the sick opportunists who take advantage of our herded chaos. Hiding amongst masses and milking the situations that arise only to make things worse than they already are.

At the end of the day the change starts with you. Quick fixes filled with blind rage are not the answer and history will repeat itself over and over again until people take a stand to think before they act. Don’t look to your leaders to fix things because that’s not going to bring about dramatic change. Your solution needs to start with the contribution of the community, the suburbs you live in and your own home. Don’t be complacent with the way things are if they upset you and act before things escalate. Make positive and productive changes that will live on and benefit your children and their children’s children.

I’m not saying it’s easy and I understand as a father that being hurt personally or having someone hurt the ones you love makes it difficult to process logic. But you must have the courage, forward thinking and mental fortitude to take the initiative. Be the responsible one and look at the bigger picture so that we can work towards a brighter tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “The Emotion Of Human Behaviour

  1. The land (situation) you are talking about is utopia and it existed right before man evolved/was created (delete according to your own philosophy). However greed and religion and keeping the masses uneducated to the point that they are unable to reason logically are the main catalysts for this mess that is humanity.

    The only good thing going at the moment is that no matter how hard homo sapiens tries, they will NOT destroy the earth, no matter how much they damage it, our planet will survive, will adapt and will recover, outlasting all of us.

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