Try Jogging?

So I’ve decided to do something constructive with my life besides raising a kid, working for a living, loving a woman and drinking the local craft beer. Yeah, clearly I’m an overachiever here. Now what could that possibly be…No you are not clairvoyant, you’ve just got a good and possibly very reliable short-term memory, which depending on how you look at it might be good or bad. Yes, you are correct and taking the title in to account pretty much gives it away.

That’s right, I’ve started jogging. OK…I’m guessing that some of you may have fallen off your chairs, ran for the hills or opened up your curtains to check, if this still is, the reality you remember. And on that note, I’m hoping that it’s night-time where you are. Unless you have a really valid reason for keeping your curtains closed on a sunny day i.e. being a vampire. Either way the point is this. It’s a necessary evil and while it may come as a shock to some, life here generally means people have to be more physically mobile. Hence you either adapt or turn in to a complete couch potato or potatoe? Apparently the E is the old way of spelling it. Naturally I’ve decided on the first option (adapt – to those who struggle with the concept of numerical order) and I decided to up my game with a little motivation from my she-bear who lovingly said and I quote “You  look like a fat womble” (no…you don’t look fat in those jeans love) and my giddy sister who apparently has more energy than a squirrel that’s been swimming in a vat of guarana juice. Anyway, in my case, as logic would dictate, a major change was required. These fantastic tree stumps ( tree stumps = legs) that God, my father and my mother have blessed me with needed some proper exercise and I was ready for war or so I thought…

Now I’m going to be totally honest here, on the first day I almost passed out just about 6 feet from the front door when I tried to jog and that wasn’t on the way back. The second day my legs ached, my feet hurt, my mouth felt dry…and I was deliriously trying to convince myself that I had, for all intents and purposes, just run 10 miles when I’d barely made it around the block. The actual distance in reality was about 1/2 a mile for those that care #winning. Obviously I wasn’t expecting it to be any easier in the days to come, at the current rate of progression. Suffice to say that’s just how unfit I was and it would have been so easy to throw in the towel. But you know what, I’ve always been stubborn, so stubborn that I refused to quite on myself. Hell I’d won a small victory for my lungs last year when I stopped smoking in October 2014. Getting past that jogging wall in 2015 was something I had to do to get myself back on track and surely that was nothing in comparison to giving up a bad habit.

Needless to say, two weeks later, it’s a work progress and I’m still at it. I’m absolutely loving it, I feel better, I have more energy and I’ve found something that will not only benefit me but my family as well. Here’s to stepping up the pace and shunning the couch. Onwards and upwards old chap!


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